Go Go Goji Berry
Go Go Goji Berry
Go Go Goji Berry
Go Go Goji Berry
Go Go Goji Berry

Go Go Goji Berry

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Goji berries seem to be appearing just about everywhere, in juices, hair products, foods and now.exceptional luxury teas. And why not? Recent science has shown that the berries are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and more, all geared toward harmonizing the body and making people feel great. 

Go Go Goji Berry is an Oolong tea that was blended to offer all that goodness alongside the plethora of benefits that come from drinking Oolong tea. A double whammy if you will. Brew a cup today and feel the power!

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: Super taste tending lightly fruit sweet with a classic floral oolong finish. Good tea that is good for you.
INGREDIENTS: Oolong tea, Goji berries, Sunflower + Calendula petals, Natural flavors.